01 Sep 2020


Web Applications, Strategic Design, Out-of-the-box Thinking, Hard Creative Problems to Solve

Only considering full-time long term committed companies looking for a researcher and creative person to add to their team. Considered an outstanding programmer and strong team lead. Earned BS in Computer Science in 3.5 years, MS in Information Systems in 8 months. Looking in the areas of system administration, large-scale application development, web based programming, teaching computer science, and research into advancing human - computer interaction.

Advanced programmer with decades of experience with computers and networking. Application programming experience at various scales. Daily experience with web-based technologies. Various project-related work from cloud deployments to customized hardware components.

Interface design with web and strong typed languages. Extensive use of version control and systematic source releases. Experience in administration, developing on, deploying, and maintaining of applications on a variety of databases and file system back ends. Prefer to work with open source based solutions. Unique understanding of very large data sets and the potential problems surrounding solutions depending on them. Strives for optimization and automation in all parts of the software development life cycle.



Factum Project, LLC

June 2020 - Present

Owner and software architect for projects looking to expand mobile reach with simple interfaces.

Tools Developer III, Team Lead, & Lab Manager

Alion Science and Technology

Nov 2019 – Present

Currently architecting and supporting various wireless based products for a variety of customers. Leading and mentoring a small team of developers towards their career goals and professional development. Organize, manage, and run a wireless lab including all systems and infrastructure to support the team and our projects. Assist corporate with proposals and technical solutions and assessments as needed.

Tools Developer III, Team Lead, & Lab Manager

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB), an Alion company

Feb 2017 – Present

Adminstrate, manage, and enhance a wireless mobile technologies lab for customer facing work. Act as team lead for small group of developers as we work on various hardware and software solutions considered hard or impossible by our customers. Developing, recovering, and delivering on failed deliveries or projects. Pickup existing failed projects and get them back on track.

Same responsibilities and customer as prior work with AT&T. Design, built, and packaged a mobile VPN solution.

Adjunct Faculty

Alamo Community College District

Jan 2002 - Present

Teach students in various subject matters in Computer Science. Consists of one or two night classes a semester (spring, summer, and fall). Topics include Java, Computer Programming, Data Structures, and Computer Fundamentals. Have taught for St. Philips College, University of Incarnate Word, and Northwest Vista College. Board approved.

Lead Senior Design Specialist


Feb 2014 - Feb 2017

Lead a small team of developers and engine ers in building prototypes and unique solutions to customers demands. Architect, plan, code, document, test, and deliver completed products for the customer. Designed and built iOS app text based malware detection toolkit. Built unique approach to talking to various hardware platforms by building a common utility (IoT). Interfacing with Software Defined Radios (SDR) to implement and interact with various waveforms implementing standard internet based protocols. Designed several networks for different projects. Deployed automated network tools. Built in house inventory tracking system. Architected web based SDR interface. Working with various vendors to implement and integrate existing products into new web based solutions and approaches. Perform regular interfacing with customers to get system requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

Short Term Leave

Sept 2013 - Jan 2014

Research Engineer

SRI International

Apr 2008 - September 2013

Research, design, prototype, build and deploy various technology stacks based on multiple client requests. For example a call center based telephony system, requiring knowledge of ISDN and other telecommunications standards and protocols. Developed custom software interface for universal modem traffic monitoring. Work extensively with existing telecommunication standards to find new uses and application. Assisted in the implementation of a fully functional closed GSM testing infrastructure designed to enable security research on network components, links, interfaces, and mobile equipment. Application development experience on the iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. Experience instrumenting cellular Layer 1 communications via hardware shims and custom software. Hands on experience testing and troubleshooting VoIP deployments. Limited experience using SATCOM equipment and software tools to manage and provide service to a small 60 node network. Experience troubleshooting GPS related hardware and software issues.

Senior Linux Trainer

Rackspace Managed Hosting

Feb 2006 - April 2008

Create and teach computer science based curriculum with an open source Linux based focus. Train system administrators and security experts in high availability configurations. Develop and program custom solutions for daily business processes. Created video streaming solution similar to Google Video. Delivered a technical on-boarding program to take someone with very little server administration to full on level 2 technician to support all customer bases (small and medium sized businesses to large enterprise customers). Designing VMware based just-in-time classroom lab solution. Implementing one of a kind training giving customers the chance to attend classes previously offered only to employees. Designed web based solutions to daily tasks for employees.

Programmer Analyst III (Systems Engineer II)

Direct Hit Data Inc.

Jan 2004 - Feb 2006

Maintain dozens of servers running SUSE, Red Hat, Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, and other variants. Design and implement complete end to end solutions to complex food service related business problems. Manage legacy Java and Visual Basic code base. Port from legacy to PHP. Service company backups. Support in-house PBX. Manage DNS, DHCP, and other various network systems. Provide desktop support. Research innovative ways to solve complex problems with simple solutions. Maintain production web servers and content. Use open and web standards in products created. Write documentation in support of code, changes, and operations.

Systems Analyst II

The University of Texas at San Antonio

May 2002 - Oct 2003

Service various computer systems for the day to day operations of college. Designed college web site. Assisted in support of research. Programmed application to plot weather data. Assisted students with system configuration for various course projects. Maintained lab machines and interaction between National Instrument equipment. Created various programs to assist in day to day operational tasks.

Sole Proprietor

Computer Repair, Maintenance, & Solutions Provider

Apr 2002 - Dec 2004

Did a variety of computer jobs, no task too small or large. Including layout and design of various printed materials, design of small custom games, general troubleshooting, virus removal, system builds, network installation and troubleshooting, and server management.





Active security clearance information available upon request.